The NONAGON Science and Technology Park promotes the digital transformation and digitalization of the Azorean economy, through the coordination of the Azores Digital Innovation Hub.

The Azores DIH aims to become a competence center for Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and High-Performance Computing, promoting the development of Digital Skills, using good innovative practices.

The Azores DIH develops its activities with a special emphasis on the major economic sectors and priority economical areas of the archipelago, according to the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Azores (RIS 3 Azores).

The goal, mission and activities developed by the Azores DIH are fully aligned with the public policy of the Azores, regarding digitalization and innovation.

The Azores DIH aims to foster the digital transformation/Digitization of the Azores SMEs/Midcaps, throughout the applicable value chain, priming innovative methodologies. All the services provided and activities developed by the Azores DIH contribute to the digitization of the Azores business sector.

Some of the services the Azores DIH provides are as follows:

  • Support services for the digitization of SMEs/Midcaps;
  • Hardware and Software Sollutions for SMEs/Midcaps;
  • Coaching and training on ICT, innovation and digitization for SMEs/Midcaps;
  • Specialized R&D&I consultancy services that have an impact on SMEs/Midcaps competitiveness;
  • Support the design of R&D strategies, the continuous management of innovation, the search for financial support and the support in the management of international cooperation projects, towards the development of the SMEs/Midcaps technological and digital potential;
  • Develop solutions based on the latest technologies that respond to the current and future needs of SMEs/Midcaps;
  • Enhance technological development through innovative practices, to aid SMEs/Midcaps developing a wide range of products, services, support tools and smart interactive solutions.